Where the Range meets the Reef

Endless roads to turquoise waters and rugged ranges. Exmouth Camper HIRE is More then Camping. Photo featuring one of our Motor Homes = Luxury comfort and 100% self sufficiency.

Sunset Magic

Some of the best sunsets are seen overlooking the Ningaloo Reef while Camping in Cape Range National Park. Our latest Hi-Top Camper Van customers sent though this photo from their camp site at Osprey Bay. You too camp camp this close to the beach and create memories that will last a life time :) See you soon - Emma.

Turtle time

"Turtle Time"   A common site along the Ningaloo Coast coming into our Summer months are the majestic Green Sea Turtles.   They begin a mating routine, Sept/Oct/Nov and then scatter along secluded beaches for nesting and laying when the weather warms up.   Hatchlings then begin New Year, and a new circle of life begins :)   We highly advise you to watch the "Turtle watching code of conduct" video before heading out onto the beaches, as it is very impo...