Driving Limits – Frequently Asked Questions

You are allocated 150kms per night free. So over a 7 night hire, 7 x 150kms = 1050kms free. Kms thereafter are calculated at 35 cents per km.

No, our insurance does not cover driving between sunrise to sunset out side of city (or town) limits and we strongly advise to plan to make your destination by 5pm and depart after 7.30am.

This is due to stations in the North West not having fences with both Cattle and Sheep on the road as well as natural wildlife (kangaroo in particular become active late afternoon and through the night)

You can go to most destinations in our other 2WD Camper Vans, however, pick up and drop off is in Exmouth unless a one-way hire is approved.

2WD Camper must not be used on any unsealed road (being a road not sealed with a hard material such as a tar, bitumen or concrete). Off road conditions include, but are not limited to fire trails, beaches, sands, tracks, fields, and paddocks. The only exception to this is reasonable use of access roads limited to a maximum of 3 kilometres in length to recognised commercial campgrounds.

The following areas are strictly off limits for all 2WD vehicles:

  • Ningaloo Station
  • Warrorra Station
  • Giralia Station
  • Gnaraloo Station
  • Certain day use areas within Karijini National Park


Yes, you can drive all of our units over to Karijini National Park, however, some day use areas are still off limits for our 2WD Campers because of the long sections of unsealed roads.

2WD Restricted areas : Any Day use area from the Karijini Eco Retreat Camping area. IE, Handrail Pool, Kermits Pool, Weano day use areas.

Not Restricted areas: Dales Camp Ground accessing Dale Gorge, Fortescue Falls, Fern Pool, Circulate Pool etc…

We recommend NOT to Camp at the Karijini Eco Retreat in one of our 2WD Campers unless you have a day tour PRE-BOOKED with WEST OZ ACTIVE TOURS, as all day use areas are still strictly off limits to these 2WD Campers.

Any 2WD vehicles found travelling on these roads will automatically void any liability option and will be liable for all costs incurred repairing the vehicle.

Please refer to the Terms and Conditions Rental Agreement for full details on restricted roads for our 2WD Campers.


No, we allow our 4×4 Roof Top Camper to venture on any recognised HEMA road or track – this is an extra feature we offer with our 4×4 Camper.

We greatly value your safety and patronage. For this reason, we want to ensure all customers renting a 4WD from Exmouth Camper Hire are fully aware of key safety considerations. The following points are vital to your safety:

  • Always drive within your capability
  • Do not make travel times and distances too excessive
  • Do not drive at night
  • Adjust gear range and tyre pressure to suit conditions
  • If you are tired, take a break
  • Be aware of changing road conditions and road closures
  • Stay on the tracks suggest from Hema Maps GPS navigation in the vehicle.
  • It’s advisable to carry 3–4Lt of drinking water per person per day

Irresponsible and/or careless use of 4 wheel drive vehicles can result in serious injury or death. Please exercise due caution while driving your 4WD.

While your safety is our #1 concern, we must also look after our vehicles to ensure that we can service future customer bookings. While our vehicles are purpose built, they will not withstand abuse, negligent treatment or reckless driving, and you should note that breaching the conditions agreed to in your rental contract may not only endanger you and your passengers but also put you at significant financial risk and responsibility.

We are confident that our customers who exercise caution and prudence while hiring our 4WD vehicles will have a safe and carefree journey into the best of the Australian outback. We enforce these rules for your safety and to ensure the availability of our vehicles for future customers.

Please refer to the Terms and Conditions Rental Agreement for full details on restricted roads for our 4WD Roof Top Tent Campers.