General – Frequently Asked Questions



  • Super Hi-top Camper Vans: 2013 models
  • Motor Homes: 2014 models
  • 4×4 Roof Top Campers: 2016 models
  • Camping Vans: 2015 models
  • Luxury Motor Homes: 2018 models
  • Hi-top Camper Vans: 2018 models
  • Hi-top Camper Van
  • Camping Van
  • Super Hi-top Camper Van Camper Van
  • Luxury Motor Home
  • Motor Home

4×4 Roof Top Campers

  • Super Hi-top Camper Vans
  • Luxury Motor Homes
  • Hi-top Camper Vans
  • Motor Homes
  • 4×4 Roof Top Tent Campers

Please refer to specs and features for each of our vehicles here.

  • Super Hi-top Camper Vans (1 point)
  • Hi-Top Camper Van¬†(1 point)
  • 4×4 Roof Top Campers (2 points)
  • Motor Home (2 points)

Unfortunately, most portable cots do not fit in our vehicles other than the Motor Homes.

There are single bed conversions in Hi-Top Camper Van, Super Hi-Top Camper Van & Motor Homes.

  • 4×4 Roof Top Campers: Outside Cold Shower
  • Super Hi-Top Camper Vans: Outside Hot & Cold shower
  • Luxury Motor Home: Inside Hot & Cold shower & Toilet (full rear bathroom)
  • Motor Homes: Hot & Cold shower, Toilet with semi ensuite.

Our Campers offer outlets to plug in your personal devices.


Please refer to specs and features for each of our vehicles here.

Please refer to specs and features for each of our vehicles here.

Our water tanks are cleaned regularly and must only be filled with potable water (scheme water).

However, we recommend purchasing drinking water.

At any town scheme (potable) water tap. IE, Exmouth Visitors Centre.

  • Super Hi-Top Camper Vans
  • Luxury Motor Homes
  • Motor Homes
  • The rear air-con in the Campers will not work without 240-volt power supply, i.e. powered site in a caravan park.

Shade off the side of the Camper. All very easy to set up and down.

The solar panels are a fixed feature on each Campers roof.

The solar keeps a second battery in the rear cab charged, for your 12-volt lights, fridge, and water pump.

You do not need to switch anything over between a powered site in a caravan park and no power sites within Cape Range NP

Our vehicles all have a 12-volt cigarette lighter sockets, USB outlets & inverters available.


All standard inclusions for 2 pax are included in each unit other the  Motor Home which includes 4 pax. Click here for the Mobile Accommodation Inventory