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Self Sufficiency :)

Here at Exmouth Camper HIRE, we have invested a lot of time and $$$ into setting up all of our Mobile Accommodations to be able to camp self sufficiently.The Solar Panels fixed to the roof of each Camper/Motor Home, encourages natural energy supply, so your camping possibilities are endless.Your fridge, water pumps, LED lighting & 12 volt outlets are always fully charged and ready to go.Not having to heavily rely on a powered caravan park site every night, saves you ...

Karijini National Park

Karijini National Park is a popular destination for our Camper hire customers.Fast Facts :Exmouth to Tom Price is around a 6-7 hour drive.Tom Price to Dales Camp Ground is around a 45 minute drive.Tom Price to Karijini Eco Retreat Camp area is around a 45 minute drive.Day use areas from the Karijini Eco Retreat Camp area are then a good 45 mins to an hour drive, all on gravel roads.The road into Dales Camp Ground is sealed the entire distance, meaning any of our Camper...

Exmouth Emus

Emus are a very common sight whilst visiting Exmouth, Cape Range National Park and Ningaloo.They are funny looking birds that are always interested in what you are doing, especially when it comes to food.Fun Fact : did you know the male emu raises the chicks? He can have lots of chicks all from different mums to look after & is very protective = go dad!