Our Hi-Top Camper Van Holiday

We had a great time exploring the national park in our campervan.
It was so easy driving around the park during the day to various new and unique destinations, and then simply parking and setting up camp each night at our campsite which was mere meters from a nice beach where we could watch the sunset.
In the morning we would walk to the beach again to catch the sunrise, as well as spot a few crabs shuffling back into their homes in the sand.
We spent a morning hearing about the history of the area on the Yardie Creek boat tour, and spotted plenty of wallabies and various birds resting on the rocks – lots of great nature photo opportunities.
But mostly we enjoyed the chance to rest beach side, soaking in the warm sun and cool off in the clear waters.
Turquoise Bay never disappointed with its calm waters and great snorkelling not too far from the shore.
We saw plenty of fish, turtles, stingray and even a little reef shark. We really enjoyed our escape to Cape Range, and will be recommending a campervan trip to all our friends.
Dena Pit, Perth WA